When you look for products to style your home, you wish for perfect objects that can fulfil your requirements as well as enhance your home’s features. One such product that plays a vital role in providing a modern touch to your home, along with functionality, is a door. You can find several types of doors, but hanging doors leave an ever-lasting impression on the observers.

A door has a significant part in protecting your home’s privacy and safeguarding the entrance. It accentuates your home’s interior design and enhances its aesthetic appeal. However, its function is to keep the invaders out and withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as rain, sun, and cold. To fulfil these requirements, you need a door that looks elegant and stylish yet endures all the abuse and does not wear off soon. Hanging doors offer you durability along with beauty. They save your space by getting installed in confined areas along the walls.

Onitek offers a wide variety of hanging doors in designs of your choice. Our doors are efficient in their function and last long. Our hanging doors’ quality is unmatched, with an anti-corrosive and non-blocking track on the floor and a rolling wheel on the top for sliding the door. These doors offer maximum performance in a limited area. They glide in the track smoothly and offer a great experience. You can easily open and close them as per your convenience and choice. At a small place, installing a hanging sliding door is the best solution to provide maximum capacity and practicality.

The frame of hanging sliding doors is made with aluminium and performs well to achieve elegance and functionality. You can install this door in between two rooms to divide space. It helps in making your life easier and your home stylish, with maximum space-saving.

How Durable is Aluminum Door?

Aluminum is made from strong durable materials making its door also durable and of high quality. While a lot of people look at it as being softer than others within its category, a drop in temperature does not affect it or make it weak. This is how the durability of the door has been tested. But, exposure to higher degree of heat can weaken the material because they are good heat conductors. Before aluminum doors are treated, they work to effectively resist corrosion. Apart from its high heat conduction when exposed to direct sunlight, it has been tested to stand the test of time.

How is Aluminum Door Treated?

Treatment of aluminum doors makes it more durable and beautiful. This is often done by changing their colors. While they may not be treated often since they are corrosion resistant, treatment of surfaces may be regularly done for insulation (electrical) and strength purposes. Some of these treatment methods include anodizing, grinding, polishing and painting. However, before painting, all marks should be removed using abrasive pads while touch up coats can be applied after painting.

Apart from its tendency to conduct heat, which seems to be the only major disadvantage, aluminum is a great material for entry/exit doors. It is strong, durable, gives the needed protection and security, adds to the beauty of architectural design of a home and also easily repaired and treated to individual’s taste.

Q-PRO HG 4413

Q-PRO HG 4413

Hanging door is perfect for space saving as when confined areas are to be divided into two space as it could be featured in front of a wall.




N-PRO HG 3315

N-PRO HG 3315

Separate a space for privacy and open it back up with smooth simple glide to optimize your floor plan any time.






Step 1) Remove the rubber from the corner.

Step 2) Pull out the panel and replace with new panel.

Step 3) Put back the rubber after replacing the panel.










Owin® create interesting solutions for an instants change of scenery. There are basically to prime reasond why people use frosted glass sticker, privacy and safety.


Ofiano® Glass

The Ofiano® Glass is available in clear, privacy opaque or colored glass designs with either raised panel or louvered bottom.


Ofiano® Panel

Ofiano® Poly’s Glass with a high impact resistance when compare with other panels. Ofiano® Poly’s Glass is elasticity and it can durable for scratch.


Omix® Panel

The textured warmth with the Grain wood series. These tones and grains are truly mesmerizing and bring more than a hint of sophistication to any space.



Oxitro® Aluminium Composite Panel is the Polyester-Coated Al-Plastic and Fluorocarbon Resin Coated Al-Plastic panel based on the polyethylene material.