Bathroom Door

People use bathrooms as a place where they can clean up and relax after a long tiring day. That is why they make efforts to make their bathroom comforting and soothing. The paint, the patterns, doors for the bathroom, or cabinets, everything adds in the exquisiteness of the bathroom.

When you renovate your bathrooms, selecting a complementing and compelling door is significant for the magnificent appearance. There is a wide variety of bathroom door designs available, from traditional to contemporary.

Things To Consider While Selecting A Door For Your Bathroom

Choosing a bathroom door is not as easy as it sounds. Since the bathroom is the smallest place in a house, it is challenging to select a door and install it as per the bathroom size. So, there are some of the points of consideration you need to check while getting doors for your bathroom. The amount of moisture and humidity that remains within the bathroom can also harm certain door materials. Hence, choose such materials that are not easily rusted or damaged in the changing environment of the bathroom. 

Bathrooms are confined, so the door type you choose should fit well within the space. Due to limited space, the door must open completely without hitting any cabinets or mirror. Also, the door’s orientation is significant, whether you want to keep it at right or at left.

Most of the modern doors are all glass, without any frame. So, you must check if this beautiful design would also be durable. Otherwise, you do have a choice to get a metal frame, such as aluminium, and make the door hard-wearing and rust-free.

The size of the door in the bathroom is crucial. After you have chosen the type of the door, you can measure the door size. If you are selecting a door without frame, keep the door thickness the same as the wall thickness. But, if you are taking a door with the frame, the door’s height and width would be half an inch smaller than the actual size. If you contact a professional for the door supply and installation, you need not worry about the measurements.

Contact A Professional Contractor

A professional and expert contractor of door supply knows about the technicalities of installing a bathroom door. Also, they have a wide range of door designs and patterns, from which you can select the one that befits your home interior.

Onitek in Malaysia is famous for its modern and well-crafted doors. We take care of the function and aesthetics alike to complement your home theme. So, contact now to get a sturdy door in your bathroom installed!