Toilet Door

A toilet is one of those places at home that you use frequently. Thus, the door for the toilet is also a highly used door at home compared to other doors, so you need to ensure its durability. The material of the door, selected for the toilet, should be heavy-duty and waterproof. So, it can easily resist the moisture and humidity present in the toilets.

Therefore, we manufacture the toilet door with Aluminium frame. Aluminium is a material that is light, waterproof, and low maintenance. It can be resistant to abrasions and last longer than other materials. People prefer aluminium for its strength, stability, and endurance.

Moreover, aluminium doors for toilets look stylish and complement your home’s interior design. You can easily select a frame befitting for your home’s interior. You have several choices available when it comes to choosing a door type for your toilet.

Types Of Toilet Doors

You can get a well-crafted and appropriate aluminium door for your toilets of any type, that suits your taste and fits well within the space available.

Bifold Door

Bifold doors are the most popular choice among homeowners because they take less space. Usually, the doors for the toilets are smaller than other doors. You can save half of the space required for swinging a door against the wall, by choosing bi-fold doors. These doors are available in stylish designs and wonderful patterns. The aluminium frame ensures its reliability and durability.

Swing Door

Swinging doors are a common door type, also called as hinged doors. These doors are fixed from one side and allow the door to turn in one direction only. However, they take up much space in the toilet, because of their more prominent entrance. The aluminium frame helps them with quality and waterproofing. Also, you can choose stylish designs to make the door look elegant.

Sliding Door

For the maximum space and bigger entrances for the toilet, people can select sliding doors. In this door type, the door panel glides along with the frame. Like other doors, you can choose a stylish and anti-corrosive aluminium frame for the sliding door.

Installation Of Toilet Door In Malaysia

If you are looking forward to installing doors for the toilet in Malaysia, then you can contact us. Onitek supply well-designed and compelling doors along with the durable aluminium frame. You get a vast choice of colours, types, and styles of doors to choose, at reasonable prices. You just have to find your door style, and the rest is our responsibility.