Alubox® is ONITEK newly developed aluminium products, that can complement your home design. It is simple for assemble, that why everyone can become expert. The wall cabinet complement with panel system, specially designed for the place is not enough space and it will be easy to hang up on the wall, our unique rail can hang the wall cabinet anywhere. We have many sizes cabinet you can choose it according to your space and need.  We know that wall cabinet have to handle a lot. That’s why we load every cabinet with 100 kg weight. Our Products are flat-packed with instructions, so you can assemble them at home.

Kitchen systems offer the best of both worlds: unlimited customization and efficient, modular-based installation. For multi-unit projects or single-family structures, open floor plans or enclosed rooms, these versatile cabinets are a designer’s dream.

Unique Rail (MY 13013470101)

Support 100kg

D.I.Y Wall Cabinet


Measuring your space, isn’t enough to put more that one Wall Cabinet. We have 90 size cabinet you can choose it according to your space and need. The connection is included in the packed, all you need to do is just insert the connection behind the two rail

Extra Rail


Stands steady on uneven floor because it has adjustable plinth leg. Also suitable for high humidity areas. * For completed with adjustable plinth leg you needed to add 100 mm. (For base and tall cabinet only)


So now that you’re inspired after looking through our latest kitchen designs. It’s time to start planning your own. The first step is understanding the space you have to work with, so you know how much you can fit in.

When you choose the cabinet model for the wall (B), it is a need to count the wall (A)  depth cabinet corner. The more thorough you are, the easier it’ll be create your new kitchen. Need help? Just contact an Onitek Kitchen expert for support, 1300-222-008

Kitchen Wall (A) lenght = 1500 mm
Kitchen Wall (B) lenght = 1050 mm

Start Creating Your Dream Kitchen NOW!

I-Shaped Kitchen

The I-Shaped kitchen or straight line kitchen is ideal for small and narrow kitchen areas, but can also comfortably accommodate larger kitchens. It’s simple kitchen design and is often the most inexpensive in relation to other kitchen layouts.

L-Shaped Kitchen

The L-Shaped kitchen suits open plan living areas, smaller areas and long rooms. It also enables you to move freely between the various areas within the kitchen and gives you great bench-top working space.

U-Shaped Kitchen

The U-Shape is most commonly suited to larger kitchen spaces and is the perfect layout for families who spend lots of time in the kitchen.


Now you can assemble the product by yourself and enjoy them at once. Use this handy download file to help you. You just have to follow the steps and start making your dream kitchen a reality.


Ofiano® Glass

Ofiano® Panel

Omix® Panel


Owin® create interesting solutions for an instants change of scenery. There are basically to prime reasond why people use frosted glass sticker, privacy and safety.

The Ofiano® Glass is available in clear, privacy opaque or colored glass designs with either raised panel or louvered bottom.

Ofiano® Poly’s Glass with a high impact resistance when compare with other panels. Ofiano® Poly’s Glass is elasticity and it can durable for scratch.

The textured warmth with the Grain wood series. These tones and grains are truly mesmerizing and bring more than a hint of sophistication to any space.

Oxitro® Aluminium Composite Panel is the Polyester-Coated Al-Plastic and Fluorocarbon Resin Coated Al-Plastic panel based on the polyethylene material.