While refurbishing a home, people often forget to renovate their bathrooms. When the fact is, styling and designing the bathroom can boost the value of your property and make your home’s interior stylish and modern. Small and subtle changes can add a creative touch to your bathrooms and increase their functionality. One of the most important accessories to boost a bathroom’s interior is to replace the shower curtain with a shower screen. It brings a sense of class, beauty, and cleanliness to your bathroom.

Here are a few of the many benefits that screen for the shower offer:

Enhance The Appearance

Screens or enclosures for the bathroom give a sleek and modern look to its interior. They enhance its appearance and make your bathroom more organised, polished, and elegant. Moreover, the design of the screen you choose for the shower brings sophistication and glamour to your bathroom. It will enhance the overall look of your bathroom and add to its value.

Increases Functionality

Besides boosting the appearance of your bathroom, it also performs several functions and increases practicality. It will help you in keeping the bathroom floor dry by preventing water from settling and accumulating. This is essential to save your bathroom’s floor surface from damage. Also, a wet bathroom door and surface can lead to the development of mould or invasion of pests, so screens would help in keeping it dry.

Wide Range Of Styles

You have a wide range of designs and styles available for shower screens. It is easy to find a design that suits your bathroom’s interior. You can choose a minimalist or extravagant style as per your preference. Frosted, coloured, or transparent, all kinds of screens are accessible. You must take into account your bathroom door, design, and style to pick an ideal screen.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

Another benefit that shower enclosures and screens provide is low maintenance and easy cleaning. It does not require any painting, washing, or polishing. Moreover, cleaning the screen is simple, easy, and quick. You do not need any specific products for its cleansing. Regular cleaning and wiping off wet spots and soap residue is enough.

Durable And Easy To Repair

Usually, the material used to construct the screens for the shower is glass. Manufacturers use tempered glass, which comes with longevity and resistance to shattering and scratching. The glass for screen goes through many treatments to increase its strength and durability. It can last for years and does not get damaged anytime soon if you take proper care. Moreover, it is easy to repair and replace. You can easily change it, its handles, or frame whenever you want.


The best thing about the shower screen is that it comes with an opportunity to customise it as per the size and design of the bathroom. The custom solutions are endless and unlimited. It is essential and useful for a renovated shower to customise its screen. You can easily have screens manufactured to fit seamlessly within your bathroom.

Maximises Space

Screens for the shower help you in creating and utilising space within your bathroom. It plays a vital role in reflecting light and making your bathroom seem larger and illuminated. A bathroom would look more spacious and elegant with a screen installed for a shower in it.

Being an expert in manufacturing reliable home products, Onitek offers you various designs of shower screens and bathroom doors to enhance the appearance of your bathroom design. We will guide you regarding the best screens that can make your bathroom appear elegant and stylish.